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Senior Software Engineer



Software Engineering
Posted on Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Senior Software Engineer

We are looking for a software engineer to join Dagens’ journey towards creating a transparent and resilient food system for the future! Is this you?

About Dagens

Dagens is a system for direct trade of local, seasonal produce between farmers and chefs. Less admin, transport and coordination headaches. More time to grow and cook.
Dagens’ system empower farmers by providing efficient order handling, billing, sales tools, and increased market access. The supply chain facilitates efficient deliveries and increased sales, with less work required by the farmer. Meanwhile, chefs enjoy convenient access to local produce, production transparency, and reliable deliveries.
Currently, Dagens facilitates direct trades for 150+ farmers and 250+ chefs across Norway and Denmark, with deliveries in Oslo and Copenhagen.
Dagens is backed by leading investors such as Investinor, Stratel, MP Pensjon and TD Veen.

About the role

Here at Dagens, designers, product managers and developers work closely together to bring more customer value, every day. The developers work all over the stack, but if you prefer one horizontal over another, let’s say you want to spend the vast majority of your time on backend - no problem!
The first part of the job is weekly contact with motivated farmers, chefs and logistics partners. These interactions will equip you with deep, indispensable insight into the problem. We believe everyone on the team should get direct customer exposure, even if you spend most of your time in a very technical realm.
The second part is to join building our product. This is where you will spend most of your time. You will work closely with product managers, designers and other software engineers to carve out business logic, assess technical risks and opportunities, and of eventually, turn it into production ready code.
The third part is a small portion of good old dev ops / platform engineering. In our small team we all share the responsibilities of developer experience and technical operations. This means we do not have a dev ops team who deals with releases and uptime. Our job is not finished once code is in production, we also make sure it runs on a stable infrastructure, delivering business value while we sleep at night.

Human skills you need to bring

Team player mode: You understand when work is better together. You enjoy collaborating cross-functionally to accomplish shared goals, and you care about learning, growing, and helping others to do the same.
A small ego. We care about great user experiences, and clean, consistent code. It’s not my code and my features, it’s our code and our product.
A deep understanding of how physical and digital events depend on each other and how they will affect each other. You live to simplify and optimize every breathing second.
Experience with digital product development: Whether you’ve been developing products for 2 or 15 years isn’t the most important thing. However, experience from working closely with users or building something to solve a real need is a big plus.
Motivation to build a better food system: What we do is often challenging. Our passion and motivation make it fun - and worth it.
Nice to haves (but not a requirement): Experience with order handling / ERP systems, supply chains and/or digital marketplaces.

Technical skills we’d love you to bring

Preferably 5+ years experience with software development in Node.js and TypeScript. (Anything can be learned, so if all you know is Java or Kotlin, you can still apply)
Experience with web development and frontend frameworks like React, Vue, Angular or similar.
Experience with systems in production. Dealing with error handling, deployment pipelines, setting up fault tolerant systems, and more. Familiarity with Google Cloud Platform, Kubernetes and Terraform.
Familiarity with domain driven design, strategic monoliths and microservices, continuous delivery, features toggles ++

What we offer

Ownership and autonomy in an integral part of Dagens - and thus in the building of the new food system.
Being part of a passionate, dedicated and diverse team, caring deeply about what we do while having loads of fun along the way.
Workplace flexibility. Possibility of working remotely for an extended period.
Competitive compensation and opportunity to join the company’s share option scheme.
Coverage for gym membership and phone subscriptions.
Paid holiday between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.
Solving hard problems in tight collaboration with a product- and customer-driven team.
Easy access to high-quality, local produce directly from responsible farmers. All employees can order produce directly from farmers at discounted prices.
You will ideally be working from our office in Copenhagen or Oslo. Expect some travelling between Norway/Denmark to get to meet with colleagues, farmers and chefs.
Does this sound inspiring and interesting to you?
Please send your cover letter and CV to jobs@dagens.farm with the subject line “Your name” - Senior Software Developer.