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Product Marketing Lead



Marketing & Communications, Product
London, UK
Posted on Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Strise is a fast-expanding technology company mainly based in Oslo. We have built a revolutionary AML (anti-money laundering) Intelligence System to help top-tier banks, fintechs, and other financial institutions fight financial crime.

Strise’s graph and AI technology centres around connecting insights about B2B clients and providing intelligent information to our customers. Over 70 percent of the financial institutions in the Nordics are our clients and have had tremendous success using Strise.

Strise makes an impact by making it easier and faster for banks to fulfil their mission of uncovering financial violations, like money laundering. After successfully becoming trusted by most of the biggest financial institutions in Scandinavia, we are now venturing into the UK, followed by the rest of Europe. We’re well on our way to becoming the global standard in anti-money laundering technology.

You can read more about what makes Strise special on our careers page.

About the role:

As our Product Marketing Lead, you will bridge the gap between our increasingly complex product offerings and our marketing strategies. Your job is crucial as we grow and our products get more advanced with new features and APIs. You'll be focusing on a mix of clients - from our ideal businesses to everyday users and those dealing with compliance and AML. We need you to have a strategic mindset, ready to tackle our tech-heavy products and turn them into clear, relatable marketing strategies working closely with our commercial team and Product Managers.

In one year, your goal as our Product Marketing Lead will be to have made our product messaging clearer and more effective on all our platforms. We're looking for visible improvements in how we enable sales and nurture our sales funnel, thanks to your straightforward and strategic marketing tactics. We also expect to see a real boost in how quickly and effectively we turn potential leads into customers, and we should be well on our way to having a solid marketing setup that positions us to win over large enterprise clients. As we continue to grow, you will be well-positioned to lead Product Marketing efforts into new markets and with more resources, opening doors to exciting opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

What you will be doing:

  • Develop and refine our product positioning and messaging to appeal to our target audience.
  • Collaborate with Marketing, Sales, and Product Managers to produce compelling product narratives and storytelling.
  • Drive and own the product strategy through customer and market research, transforming insights into effective messaging.
  • Create and optimize product-related content that can be used as a toolbox for our commercial team, such as product videos, one-pagers, website content, etc.
  • Lead the Product Marketing strategy for product launches in the UK and the Nordics, ensuring cross-functional alignment and success.
  • Work closely with Sales and Marketing to enhance pipeline conversion and velocity through strategic collateral and funnel nurturing.