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Programmatic Specialist



Data Science
Oslo, Norway
Posted on Monday, November 20, 2023

A unique opportunity to operate, launch and understand state of the art advertising platforms across 46 different countries.

About reMarkable
reMarkable is a Norwegian tech company creating digital paper tablets that help people all over the world find focus in a distracted world. As Norway's latest unicorn we have more than 400 employees in Oslo and more than a million devices sold worldwide, making us one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe.

This is not a normal “Programmatic Specialist” role.
The Performance Platforms team is responsible for setting up, optimizing, monitoring and deciding on strategy for all of reMarkable’s ads across the web. We are already highly active on Paid Social (Meta, YouTube, LinkedIn++) and Email Marketing. We plan to expand our media mix in 2024 through advertising campaigns within the programmatic advertising space.

Within programmatic ads, we include placements that by some may not be considered a part of programmatic advertising , such as Native advertising, ConnectedTv, Audio and Digital Out Of Home advertising. The common theme is self-serve (ads manager), auction based buying/RTB rather than traditional/manual bookings. You are not expected to have experience with all these platforms before, only to be able to operate them.

reMarkable is within a phase of rapid growth, which means we continuously need to expand our methods, strategies and tools. This also includes where we place ads. Which advertising platforms will reMarkable use in 2024? 2025? 2030? We have our assumptions, but we will adjust our strategy based on what we learn underway. We will continuously launch new platforms, assess their effectiveness and proceed with whatever is effective.

If we see that other platforms should be prioritized before programmatic, you may end up not working with any programmatic ads at all, but rather other placements, platforms and technologies. Together with you, we will decide what to try next. You will learn how to operate and assess the effectiveness of the new platforms and often be the subject matter expert. Although you will break new ground, reMarkable has robust methodologies when facing new initiatives and a strong culture of support between colleagues.

You will have the following responsibilities

  • Set up, optimize, analyze and report on ad campaigns within relevant advertising platforms.
  • 20-80% of the work will be within what is traditionally understood as programmatic marketing (DV360, AppNexus, Adform, Stackadapt or similar).
  • When needed, support other platform specialists within their channels such as Paid Social og Paid Search (you will get appropriate training).
  • Advise the Creatives team on how different advertising assets perform, including video, image and copy.
  • Support in deciding on which platform to launch next.