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Maritime Optima - a maritime office in your pocket

Maritime Optima - a maritime office in your pocket

Software Engineering
Posted on Monday, August 7, 2023

It is a point of pride for us that every developer makes sure new code works in a live environment, there is no “throw it over the wall to operations”. This has served us well for a long time but we are growing into scalability issues. The path from approved pull request to production deployment has more steps than we would like, and more risk, and this compounds with the complexity of our infrastructure and the number of developers on the team. It is time for a more focused continuous effort. We still don’t want that wall, so we are looking for a backend developer who can take ownership - much like our current backend people can work on any piece of code but each is lead on specific areas of functionality.

Qualifications we are looking for:

  • At least 2 years of experience working on a development team delivering cloud based software
  • Experience with some of the common CI or CD tools
  • Experience with Azure and/or Kubernetes
  • Experience with the Go programming language, or sufficiently broad language skills to pick it up quickly
  • Hunger to learn and improve

Who we are:

Maritime Optima AS was established in 2018 and came into operation in May 2019. We aim to modernize the “office” part of the commercial shipping since most of the companies were using old software tools while technological developments in satellite surveillance and real-time data analysis opened the door to new levels of automation and decision support. It became possible to create software to answer questions such as “what are my competitors doing” and “what are the most profitable contracts I can find for my vessels”.

Financed by the founders and shipping investors, we are developing two products: ShipIntel and ShipAtlas - for professional teams and individuals, respectively. We just passed 150 000 users on ShipAtlas this summer, a respectable number for our market, and the growth is strong.

Our 15 employees work out of representative offices in Vika Atrium, Oslo. We work mostly on-site because we value the “in real life” community and culture and frankly find it more productive when working on complex exploratory challenges. Even though we are going on our 6th year it is still very much a startup vibe here, the whole crew being extremely enthusiastic about what we do.

The development team is currently 9 people, a mix of backend, frontend and data science. If you are familiar with scrum you will understand most of what is going on here, the biggest local adaptation being designated leads on each major area of functionality or infrastructure. We have done this to handle multiple complex areas: global vessel tracking and real-time analysis, vessel routing, position list & voyage calculations, web & mobile applications. The keyword summary of our tech stack is:

  • Kubernetes clusters running on Azure
  • Backend services in Go
  • Web applications in React
  • Mobile applications in ReactNative
  • Analysis pipeline on Azure Databricks
  • Github for code and CI
  • ArgoCD for automated deployment

What you can expect:

Apart from the normal stuff - challenging work, lots of opportunities for learning, competitive compensation, nice offices and flexible working hours - the most important single thing to be aware of is the tech startup culture. Working here is a lot like being on a professional sports team; demanding work, competent and driven colleagues, competing as a team on a global arena where winners tend to take all. 

If this sounds like something you would want to be a part of please contact our CTO Pål-Robert Engnæs at